Elon Musk sues Twitter for non-payment of Rs 1.12 crore office rent

Elon Musk sues Twitter for non-payment of Rs 1.12 crore office rent

Elon Musk Twitter: Twitter failed to pay its $136,260 (roughly Rs. 1.12 crore) rent and sued the building’s landlord Columbia Reit – 650 California LLC.

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  • Twitter allegedly failed to pay rent for its San Francisco office.
  • Jet Services Group also sued her for non-payment of two charter flights in October.
  • Elon Musk has stopped several services to cut Twitter’s operating costs.

Twitter is reportedly facing a lawsuit for failing to pay rent for its San Francisco office. According to CBS News, which accessed the court filing, Twitter has not paid $136,260 (roughly Rs. 1.12 crore) in rent.

And it’s being sued by the landlord of the Hartford building — Columbia Reit-650 California LLC. The social media company currently occupies the 30th floor of the building. The report also suggests that Twitter signed a seven-year lease for the office space in 2017.

It is also reported that Twitter has not paid the rent of its offices around the world for several weeks. This includes its San Francisco headquarters in the city’s Civic Center neighborhood. Interestingly, most of these offices were either closed or largely empty due to Twitter’s previous work-from-anywhere policy.

After Elon Musk came to power at the end of October, not only was the work-from-anywhere policy canceled, but the company introduced stricter work rules to increase the user base and revenue of the platform.

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Twitter is also facing another lawsuit from Jet Services Group LLC alleging that Musk’s company failed to pay for two charter flights in October. The amount is reportedly valued at $197,725 (roughly Rs 1.63 crore) and the lawsuit was filed last month in New Hampshire District Court.

Elon Musk has repeatedly said that previous Twitter executives made the wrong business choices and the company was losing more money than it was gaining.

Musk said in November that Twitter had treated employees to a lunch worth Rs 32,000. However, a former employee claimed that Musk was lying and the company offered each employee a lunch worth Rs 2,000 per day.

Similarly, a DCD (Data Center Dynamics) report claims that Twitter closed its Sacramento data center on Christmas Eve to cut costs. Thankfully, Twitter didn’t experience the major outages that some feared.

Twitter has laid off more than half of its global workforce and now employs about 2,700 people. The company employed approximately 7,500 people by the end of September. The company has also let go of its cleaning staff, requiring employees to bring their own toiletries, including toilet paper.

According to one source, due to a lack of cleaners, “the office is in disarray with dirty bathrooms.” So, According to the report, the office smelled like “leftover takeaway food and body odor”.

According to a New York Times article published on December 13, Twitter has not paid rent for its headquarters or any other international office in weeks. His mortgage for 1355 Market Street in San Francisco was included in a $400 million bond in 2015.

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