Microsoft announced the top Xbox games checklist of 2022 here

Microsoft announced the top new Xbox games 2022

New Xbox games 2022: The tech titan Microsoft has announced its top Xbox games of the year 2022, see the full list below.

Microsoft revealed on Friday the top Xbox games of 2022 that players will want to play as the year comes to a close. Starting with the racing game of the year, the latest version of “Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels” has been specifically improved for Xbox Series X/S.

It sets the standard for next-generation gaming with photorealistic graphics, authentic sounds, realistic environments, and high detail. Next up is Sea of Thieves, which allows players to set sail as pirates with other ships, plunder islands, fight the giant Kraken, and sink other ships.

One of the best survival games of the year is “Grounded”, which tells the story of a teenager who has shrunk in size and is trying to grow up while traveling through a world that is responding to Grounded.

New creatures, locations, and surprises test the creativity of players. Loaded with horror, action, and power, Gears 5 gives gamers an instant reload experience, while the gripping storyline, shooting mechanics and great graphics give the game an edge.

The third-person shooter is the sixth installment in the franchise and a direct sequel to Gears of War 4, continuing the story of the Government Ordered Coalition (COG) fighting against the enemy forces – the Swarm.

Finally, Pentiment, a murder-mystery game inspired by medieval art and creates a gripping narrative, allows players to transform their character into anything from a devout theologian to a rebellious bully in 16th-century Italy. Is an. The game, which dives deep into history, has charm and appeal through the ages, according to the company.

Microsoft has recently released features for Microsoft Excel that allow users to get formula suggestions, example formulas, and suggested links, as well as some minor features that make user tasks more manageable on a daily basis.

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