Stellaris how to terraform 2.2

Stellaris how to terraform 2.2: In Stellaris version 2.2 and later, terraforming mechanics have undergone significant changes.

Stellaris How To Terraform 2.2

Here’s a guide on how to terraform planets in Stellaris version 2.2 and beyond:

  1. Unlock Terraforming Technologies: To access terraforming capabilities, research specific technologies. The primary technologies required are “Terraforming” and “Gene Seed Purification.” These technologies are available in the Society research tree. Keep researching until you unlock them.
  2. Colonize a Planet: Select a planet that you want to terraform. Initially, you can only terraform planets within your empire’s borders or a sector controlled by your empire.
  3. Assess the Planet’s Terraforming Eligibility: Not all planets are eligible for terraforming. The eligibility of a planet depends on its size, composition, and existing modifiers. Only planets classified as “Terrafomable” can transform.
  4. Build a Terraforming Station: Once you have a planet eligible for terraforming, construct a “Terraforming Station” in orbit around that planet. To build the station, select a construction ship, right-click on the planet, and choose the “Build Mega-Structure” option. Locate the Terraforming Station and initiate its construction.
  5. Activate the Terraforming Process: Once the Terraforming Station is completed, select it and click on the “Start Terraforming Process” button. This will initiate the terraforming process for the selected planet.
  6. Wait for Terraforming to Complete: The terraforming process takes time to complete. The length of time depends on factors such as the size of the planet, its initial habitability, and any modifiers affecting the process. Monitor the progress of the terraforming process through the Terraforming Station interface.
  7. Manage Terraforming Projects: You can have multiple planets undergoing terraforming simultaneously, provided you have enough Terraforming Stations. Keep an eye on the progress of each project and allocate resources accordingly.
  8. Complete Terraforming and Colonize: Once the terraforming process is finished, the planet’s climate will be altered to make it habitable for your species. You can colonize and develop the transformed planet like any other habitable planet in your empire.

Remember that terraforming requires resources and careful management. Ensure you have enough Energy Credits and Influence to sustain the terraforming projects. Additionally, some ethics, technologies, and Ascension Perks can provide bonuses or additional options related to terraforming.

Note: Stellaris is an ever-evolving game, and mechanics may change with updates and expansions. It’s always a good idea to consult the in-game tutorial, official documentation, and community forums for the most up-to-date information on terraforming in the specific version you are playing.

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