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Where to find the military base in GTA 5

Where can you find the military base in GTA 5? If you can’t find Fort Junkudo Military Base in GTA 5, don’t worry; it is easy to find. But, overcoming the defense of a military base is a different story. In GTA 5, there is only one military base named Fort Zancudo. The military base in GTA 5 is located in Blaine County, just outside of San Andreas, and there are several reasons to visit it.

Going to Fort Zancudo, you can get a P-996 laser fighter, a Rhino tank, or other military equipment. And now, get ready for one hell of a beating. If you set foot on or fly into the base, you’ll quickly get a 4-star Wanted level, and the military will welcome you with gunfire and heat-seeking missiles. In this article, we will talk about Where To Find The Military Base In GTA 5, so keep reading this article for further information.

Here’s how to get to the military base in GTA 5 single-player and GTA Online modes and what to expect once you’re there.

Where to find the military base in GTA 5

The military base is named “Lago Zancudo” on this excellent satellite view map of GTA 5. And it’s just north of Chumash Beach. There, you will find Mount Josiah, which is in the east, and the small town of Harmony.

On the satellite image, it looks different, but on the GTA 5 in-game map, it is more hidden. Here’s what you’re looking for. Note how the tip of the base protrudes from the shoreline. This is the fastest way to find out.

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How to get to the military base

There are few ways into the military base, which is surrounded by fences and gates and is heavily guarded.

You Can Enter By Aircraft Like a Plane or Helicopter

When you reach the base’s airspace, you’ll be given a two-star wanted level and a radio warning, shortly followed by a four-star wanted level and guided missiles if you don’t leave the area. You can try to land again, but it’s best to leap and open your parachute when you’re near the ground. After landing, you should have enough time to steal a military vehicle before being shot by the army.

You Can Also Enter With A Fast Car

There are several places where you can jump into the base. Look for a pleasant hill or cliff near the fence (see above). Do you want to try to land between the two outside fences, which line a concrete road that surrounds the entire base? Don’t worry; you can drive along this road without earning a wanted level if you enter it without being spotted by the gate guard.

There are several exits from this road, one behind the vehicle hangar on the north side of the base as soon as you leave the concrete way. You will automatically be assigned a four-star wanted grade. But you will have extra time to steal a vehicle before the army attacks you.

You Can Enter By Motorcycle

You can sometimes drive a motorcycle through the checkpoint before the military base if the gate guards look opposite. As you proceed, you will see the main entrance to that same secure concrete road on your right.

How do military bases work in GTA Online?

In GTA Online, the military base is still a dangerous area. Fort Zancudo is still a military zone, which means you’ll acquire a 4-star wanted level, and soldiers will open fire if you go too close. Unlike in single-player, there aren’t any open ground checkpoints. So you’ll have to jump the fence or take an aircraft to get into the base.

But in GTA 5 Online, there’s a way for you to buy your way in. Aircraft hangars were added to the game in the 2017 GTA Online Smuggler’s Run update, and there are three purchasable hangars at the military base.

  • Hangar 3497 in Fort Jankudo costs $2,085,000
  • Hangar 3499 in Fort Jankudo costs $2,650,000
  • Hangar A2 at Fort Jankudo costs $3,250,000

If you buy one of these hangars, you can quickly enter the military base without earning the “Wanted Star.” But if you start firing, using weapons, or stealing vehicles, you’ll earn 2 Star Wanted. And when you get to 2 Star Wanted level, the military will attack you. If you cooperate, you will escape from the base.

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