Pocketalk Plus: Accurate Real-Time Translation

Pocketalk Plus: Accurate Real-Time Translation


The Pocketalk Plus Real Time Two-Way Voice & Camera 82 Language Translator is a device that can translate up to 82 languages in real time. This device is equipped with the latest technology and software updates to provide accurate translations.

Accurate Translation:

The Pocketalk Plus uses the best transcription and translation engines to accurately translate up to 82 languages and dialects. The device is equipped with frequent software updates to ensure the latest technology is always at your fingertips.


One of the added benefits of the Pocketalk Plus is the privacy it provides. It is HIPAA compliant and comes with PIN locks and the ability to set timed automatic history deletion. This ensures that your conversations are protected.

Camera & Image Translation:

The Pocketalk Plus comes with a camera that allows you to take photos of signs, menus, and other written text. The large touchscreen displays the translated text directly on top of the image along with an optional audio translation.

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Translation Anytime Anywhere:

Enjoy a complimentary 2-year LTE cellular data plan with the Pocketalk Plus, usable in over 130 countries. Its wider mobile bands offer improved connectivity compared to Pocketalk Classic. Remember, internet connection is required for translation and it will not work offline.”

Additional Features:

The Pocketalk Plus not only includes real-time currency, length, weight, and temperature conversion, but also features a practice pronunciation mode and additional security measures for added convenience. This makes the Pocketalk Plus the translator of choice, as seen on the cover of Newsweek, Rolling Stones, CNET, Wall Street Journal, and many more.


The Pocketalk Plus Real Time Two-Way Voice & Camera 82 Language Translator is a device that provides accurate translations and added privacy. With its camera and image translation, real-time conversion of currency, length, weight, and temperature, and other added features, it is the ideal choice for those who need to communicate in different languages.

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