Apple Tablet Surprise: No New iPads This Week, but Something Exciting Is Brewing

In Apple product releases, anticipation and speculation are commonplace. Just recently, there was a buzz about the imminent arrival of the new iPad (2023), iPad mini (2023), and iPad Air 6, with the possibility of a launch this week gaining momentum from multiple credible sources. However, the plot has thickened, as two other equally reputable sources now suggest that the much-awaited new iPads may not grace our screens this week after all.

An Apple Pencil 3 instead?

Mark Gurman, renowned for his accurate Apple-related leaks, delivered the unexpected news in his latest Power On newsletter for Bloomberg. Gurman had initially hinted at a possible October release, which aligns with Apple’s historical timing for product launches. However, he now asserts, “the latest indications are that it won’t happen this month,” leaving the door open to release new models later this year, albeit not in October or this week. Furthermore, Gurman has reiterated his previous claims, asserting that significant updates to the iPad, iPad mini, and iPad Air will likely not emerge until 2024.

Gurman is not alone in doubts about the new iPad launch this week. Another compelling source, the Japanese blog Mac Otakara, suggests an intriguing twist. Rather than unveiling new iPads, Apple might surprise the world with the Apple Pencil 3, the third generation of its renowned stylus, rumored to feature interchangeable magnetic tips. Prior leaks have hinted that these diverse tips could cater to various creative needs, such as painting, drawing, and technical drawing.

The question remains: Who has the accurate scoop? With conflicting reports from various sources, it’s challenging to provide a definitive answer. While October has historically been a fertile ground for Apple’s tablet hardware announcements, the sources predicting new iPads may have misunderstood Apple’s intentions for a tablet-related announcement, which could be centered around a new stylus rather than iPads.

The silver lining is that the truth will soon emerge. Apple will likely announce this week, be it the much-anticipated new iPads or the unexpected Apple Pencil 3. Regardless of the outcome, we’ll be here to provide comprehensive coverage as soon as any new contenders for our best iPad list make their grand entrance.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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