Best Online Classic Car Auctions – Pros and Cons

Revolutionizing car enthusiast interactions, online classic car auctions offer a convenient digital platform to buy, sell, and appreciate vintage automobiles globally. This modern approach transcends traditional boundaries, expanding the reach and impact of the classic car market. Discussing top websites for car auctions below.


copart old car auctions

Copart is one of the largest online auction websites, providing a large inventory for buyers interested in used and salvaged vehicles. They have thousands of monthly customers and offer a variety of car brands, including domestic and foreign models. They also have a mobile app to make bidding easier. Copart offers a free, basic membership for individuals and a dealer membership for businesses or dealers that pay a fee per sale.

While Copart is a reliable and legitimate company, there are some issues to consider before using this site. First, you should know that most of the vehicles on Copart are provided by insurance companies. These vehicles are often deemed total losses, which means they can’t be repaired. This can be problematic for some buyers. In addition, you should also be aware that Copart does not provide a history report on the vehicles. This can be a problem for those looking to purchase a car with the least damage.

When shopping at Copart, it’s important to have a budget and stick to it. This will help you avoid overspending on a vehicle you can’t afford. It’s also a good idea to research the vehicle’s make, model, and year before you begin bidding. This will give you a better understanding of the car’s condition and performance.

Shopping at Copart offers competitive prices, with vehicles often selling below market value through bidding. The website enables pre-bidding and in-person inspections at local locations, free for members. Non-members pay $20. Vehicles can also be bought directly from the seller by Copart members.



barrett jackson old car auctions

Regarding classic car auctions, Barrett-Jackson is a name you will often hear. The annual auction takes place in January under the massive white tents of Scottsdale’s WestWorld and features a mix of dream cars. In addition to cars, Barrett-Jackson also auctions a variety of automobile memorabilia. Arizona businessmen privately owned the company, including ASU alumni Nick Cardinale (MBA 14) and Matt Ohre (BS Finance’ 99).

Barrett-Jackson’s founder Craig Jackson is ebullient about this year’s event, which will feature a record number of vehicles. He says there are more registered bidders than ever and expects more newcomers to attend this year. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based company hosts auctions throughout the year at various locations and offers online bidding.

The auctions are televised and have become one of the world’s largest collector car events. The first television coverage was on Speedvision, later renamed the Speed Channel, in 1996. Since then, the event has been featured on a number of networks and has grown in popularity. In addition, the auctions have attracted an influx of visitors who want to see the cars in person.

Unlike some online classic car auctions, Barrett-Jackson allows potential buyers to inspect the cars before bidding. However, this does not guarantee that they will be able to buy the car. In addition, it is important to remember that a buyer’s premium is added to the hammer price.

Before attending a Barrett-Jackson auction, research your desired vehicles to set a maximum bid and prevent overspending due to auction excitement. Attending an auction also lets you engage with fellow enthusiasts, regardless of your collector level. This environment fosters learning about classic cars and forming friendships.


old car auctions

This auction company is a recognized leader in collector car, vintage and antique motorcycle, and Road Art sales. It hosts a variety of auctions throughout the United States. Their first official auction was held at the Rockford Airport in 1988, and they now host more than 15,000 vehicles at each event. They also offer a variety of online auctions.

Many people choose to sell their classic cars at auctions because they usually get better prices than they would at a dealer. Despite this, knowing the potential risks associated with buying and selling classic cars at auctions is important. These risks include fraud, swindling, and other problems. However, some steps can be taken to reduce the risk of these issues.

Whether you are buying or selling at an online classic car auction, it is important to find out more about the company before making a decision. Look at its website and social media profiles, and ensure it is well-maintained and user-friendly. You should also read reviews about the company to see what others have said about its services.

You should also be aware of the fees charged by the auction house. These fees can vary greatly, depending on the type of vehicle and its value. Some auctions charge a flat fee, while others charge a percentage of the sale price. In addition to these fees, you should know the auction process and the applicable terms and conditions.

Online classic car auctions lack the option to select your vehicle’s display position or sale time, limiting control unless you have significant influence. Conversely, online auctions offer home-based convenience for buying and selling. Nonetheless, this can diminish the personal buyer experience in certain instances.

GAA Classic Cars


The collector car market has been booming for the past decade or so. You’ve probably seen auctions on TV or online, and the biggest events are Concours-like affairs with cars fetching record prices. It’s a misconception that only the rich can afford classic cars. Still, auctions are an excellent way for collectors to network and learn about special-interest vehicles they may not be familiar with.

Although GAA is known for its big-bore American classics like Camaros, Corvettes, and Mustangs, its last auction presented a variety of foreign delicacies. This collection included 10 Jaguars (one of which was a Miami Vice-era Daytona Spider replica), 9 Porsches, 5 Mercedes, and a Weber carbureted Lamborghini Jalpa. The auction also featured a full assortment of custom and resto-mod trucks.

Classic cars symbolize status, yet their ownership entails high expenses for purchase, upkeep, and insurance. Maintenance, emission testing, and finding replacement parts pose financial and logistical challenges, especially given state requirements.

Classic cars’ space consumption exceeds modern vehicles, causing storage issues for those with limited garage capacity. Their suitability for long trips is compromised, and they typically offer lower fuel efficiency than their contemporary counterparts. While fine for short weekend drives, extended cross-country journeys may be problematic.

Another issue with classic cars is that they are more difficult to repair than newer models. This is especially true for older models produced in very small numbers. As such, they are more likely to be out of production and have few available parts. This can make repairs and maintenance more expensive, as spare parts can be hard to find. Also, older vehicles are more likely to emit toxic fumes that pollute the air, which can cause health issues for drivers and passengers.


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