How to Create a High-Performing Sales Team

Fostering high-performing sales teams involves more than simply recruiting the right talent. Alongside offering suitable incentives and promoting teamwork, investing in employee development can significantly contribute to achieving business objectives.

High-performing sales teams are goal-oriented and set quotas that they work together to meet. They are also customer-focused and able to find the exact product or service that meets each customer’s needs.

1. Invest in Employee Development

Employee Development

Employee development is one of the most important ways to encourage and reward your sales team for hitting their goals. Providing your employees with opportunities for training increases their knowledge base and helps them feel more confident in their ability to close difficult sales.

Investing in your employee professional development can also increase their job satisfaction and retention rates. In fact, a recent LinkedIn study found that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invested in their growth. Employees want to feel like they have a clear career path and can grow within your organization. This is especially true for millennial employees who prioritize professional growth.

Employee development investment varies, encompassing monetary rewards, extra work time, or additional vacation days. Providing non-monetary incentives is another great way to encourage your sales team to hit their goals. For example, you can host a quarterly company outing for high achievers to reward them for their smart work. This can include a private dinner at an upscale restaurant or a group activity like bowling or the movies. Investing in employee development includes offering mentors or coaches to advance careers. An internal coaching program fosters career growth and cultivates future leaders.

Such incentives are great for sales teams, especially with tools like BambooHR for streamlined reward management. Besides cash, branded merchandise can reinforce your company’s investment in employees. Finally, allowing your sales team to choose their own reward can be an excellent motivational tool. Whether taking them out for lunch, walking their dog, or even washing their car, you can give your top performers a personalized reward they will love and appreciate.

2. Create a Culture of Excellence

employee excellence

If you want your team members to perform at their best, they need to feel that what they do matters. This can be achieved by fostering a culture of excellence. A culture of excellence goes beyond plaques or wall slogans. It’s about clarifying company goals and each employee’s role in achieving them.

Building a culture of excellence requires setting high standards and refusing to settle for mediocre results. It’s about focusing on creating something that has never been created before, breaking records, and achieving unprecedented accomplishments. People like Elon Musk are embodiments of a culture of excellence – his companies (PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX) continually break new ground.

Creating a culture of excellence isn’t easy, but it is possible. High performers are usually motivated to perform at their best because they know that what they do contributes to the company’s bottom line. Moreover, these individuals are aware that they can inspire the rest of their team to strive for excellence. Unfortunately, mediocrity is contagious and can infect an organization if left unchecked.

Cultivate excellence with continuous growth, empowered by ongoing training and recognition. Boost productivity, cut waste, and attract talent through this culture. Engaged employees excel, stay committed, and enhance long-term company success.

3. Offer a Rewarding Work Environment

employee reward

It’s no secret that sales teams thrive in an environment where they are supported and rewarded. Top salespeople embrace work, seek growth, and heed inspiration, as shared by many leaders. Effective salespeople fulfill promises to customers, blending intuition with action. They meet and exceed quotas, close deals in record time, and do so at a minimal cost to the company.

The key to developing such a high-performing team is to provide them with the means to excel at their jobs. That’s why it’s so important to understand your team members well and to reward them in ways that reflect their interests.

To do this, ask employees what types of rewards would inspire them to work harder and achieve their goals. Running an employee survey is one way to gather this information, but you can also try out an always-on feedback platform that makes it easy to hear from your team anytime and anywhere.

Non-financial incentives for your team include days off, bonus time, lunches, concert tickets, and getaways. Personalized incentives, like gift cards for restaurants, online shopping, or retail stores, tend to be the most effective. This lets recipients choose rewards aligned with their preferences.

Offer a range of rewards for hitting quotas and excelling in various business aspects, like restaurant meals, movie tickets, escape rooms, or outings to theme parks and sports events. Remember, even with numerous incentives, a discontent team won’t stay motivated. Being a stellar employer and fostering an appealing work environment is crucial for long-term employee retention.

4. Encourage Teamwork


A high-performing sales team is essential to your business. Not only does a team of skilled salespeople generate the revenues needed to keep your company operating smoothly, but they also help you uncover new revenue opportunities by connecting with customers on their terms and streamlining their path to purchase.

To get the most out of your sales team, fostering a culture that encourages Teamwork is important. This can be done by promoting peer-to-peer recognition and by providing rewards that are more than just cash. Create a “brag board” in your office or shared digital space for teammates to commend each other’s efforts. Such encouragement sustains motivation, preventing team members from slacking and ensuring they uphold the team’s standards.

In remote settings, peer recognition shines. A remote sales team could thrive via online platforms for praising accomplishments during breaks or coffee chats. Add brief check-ins to celebrate achievements, fueling goal-driven motivation.

Ultimately, the key to driving top-performing salespeople is to empower them to take on leadership roles in addition to their selling duties. For instance, you can provide a mentorship program that allows experienced team members to support new hires. Additionally, you can create a process for onboarding that includes the entire sales team. This way, your experienced teammates can guide new team members on their journey and ensure that they have the resources they need to perform at a high level.

Triumphing companies prioritize talent development, channeling it toward goal attainment. This principle particularly resonates with sales leaders aiming for peak revenue generation. Clear goals, team synergy, and spirited competition fuel success, perhaps even extra bonuses. A dedicated endeavor shapes a finely tuned sales team poised for effective selling.

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