How Car Key Fobs Work and When to Get a Replacement

Unlike a traditional metal key, a remote car key fob lets you lock and unlock your car without getting out of your vehicle. They also provide a sense of security in the event of an emergency.

Most automakers have designed these devices to be secure. However, a determined attacker could work around these systems.

How Do Car Key Fobs Work

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Car key fobs work similarly to key chains or traditional keys but provide a lot more security and convenience. Using radio frequency identification technology, they transmit a code to the remote receiver that communicates what type of function you want to perform (lock doors, start the engine, or open the trunk). Once the code matches the remote reader’s assigned frequency, it allows you to enter.

Key fob frequencies are assigned to specific door access control systems. Fobs have an embedded microchip with a code and an assigned frequency that communicates directly with the reader. When you wave the fob in front of the reader, the transmitter signals to the reader if the frequency and code match. If they do, the reader accepts and completes the function you requested.

The system’s heightened security stems from low-frequency signal transmission, making interception difficult. In contrast, passwords are susceptible to hacking via brute force, phishing, and social engineering, leading to malware, identity theft, and cyber fraud. Programmable fobs enable controlled building access. They establish entry protocols like designated shifts. Fobs also bolster security via two-factor/multifactor authentication, safeguarding networks, devices, and apps.

A key fob simplifies car access, but don’t leave your key in the ignition. If you do, consult a locksmith for reprogramming. This typically involves cycling the key fob’s buttons several times. You should hear a chime indicating the procedure was successful when done properly. If you don’t, you will need to try again or manually lock your vehicle.


Dead Batteries

key fob dead batteries

When Car key fobs don’t work, the first thing to check is that it hasn’t simply run out of batteries. If you do have a spare fob, putting a fresh battery in it can get it up and running again. The other common point of failure is that the battery connector terminals have broken off or come loose. In some cases, carefully soldering the connections may be enough to fix this, but you’ll need to buy a replacement remote fob in many instances.

Most modern cars use fobs with built-in radio transceivers to control their doors, lights, and climate systems. The simplest fobs look like traditional car keys with a dark gray or black hard plastic shell that contains buttons. These are attached to a mechanical key that needs to be inserted into the ignition to start and operate the car.

Fobs serve multiple car functions: lock/unlock, security, trunk access. Some pair with apps for remote tracking and charging checks. They’re handy for home tasks like garage doors. In industry, they offer centralized control via software. A fob sends a 40-bit code and function code to the car receiver, securing ownership and preventing unintended access.

Some people learn to program their own key fobs and save money on replacements by performing a few button presses and ignition turns for most cars. However, this might not always be feasible, and some models might require a professional with the appropriate specialized equipment. Fortunately, some services buy used remote key fobs and offer to reprogram them for a fee.

Broken Buttons

A remote key fob primarily unlocks car doors without a physical key. Modern fobs offer extras like window control, radio activation, and alarms. Fob drawbacks: dead battery or damage can hinder use, causing delays. Check warranty/insurance for fob replacement coverage. Decide whether repair or new purchase is best.

Fobs are electronic barcodes for door latch communication. Unique frequency, like store barcodes. The fob transmits codes via a built-in transmitter. Reading fob data is possible, though complex, compared to barcode reading.

Typically, the key fob is made up of a plastic shell that houses all of the fun internal components. These components include the buttons, which are connected to a circuit board that’s responsible for transporting electrical signals around and activating responses based on what buttons are depressed. This board is responsible for a lot of the magic that makes your key fob work.

The shell consists of two molded parts with a visible seam. By pressing the seam or detaching the shell, internal components are exposed. Buttons connect to the circuit board via contacts aligning with car actions. Dirt or moisture on contacts disrupts signals, leading to malfunction or failure.

Other Issues

fob other issues

Modern key fobs offer convenience, security, and features, yet they come at a cost. Replacing one is pricey, despite dealer or locksmith discounts. Consumer Reports suggests money-saving strategies for fob replacement. Beyond door access, fobs can remotely start cars and emit sounds for car location. They surpass traditional keys in features.

Fobs expand beyond cars, aiding home and business control. They manage lights, appliances, and security. Unauthorized entry alerts are also possible. There are a number of things that can go wrong with a key fob, including a dead battery or a malfunctioning button. A few simple troubleshooting steps can help you determine if it’s time to get a replacement.

Fob replacements aren’t cheap, with prices ranging from $50 to $400 depending on the model of your vehicle. You can save some money by checking to see if the old one is still in working condition. For example, it’s possible that you simply need to change the batteries. You can also try reprogramming the old fob if it’s not responding to your vehicle.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you can sometimes save some money by doing the programming yourself if your vehicle’s manufacturer allows it. Some key fobs have instructions for how to do this in their owner’s manuals or repair guides, but a professional will be needed to program some models of cars.

Whether you’re driving a luxury sports car or a humble pickup, a key fob has come to be an indispensable convenience. By keeping these handy devices in good condition, you’ll be able to keep your vehicle running smoothly and limit the risk of internal theft.


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