How To Register As A CEO In GTA 5 And Unlock New Luxury Cars

In this article, we are going to discuss how to register as CEO in GTA 5. Let’s start! First, if you want to become CEO in GTA 5, then you will need to first buy an executive office and then you will have to use the SecuroServ menu. And Maze Bank West is the cheapest executive office in GTA 5, whihc is cost around $1, 000,000. So In GTA 5, registering as a CEO is permanent and allows you to unlock new luxury vehicles.

It’s been almost 10 years since GTA 5 was released and it’s still one of the best games ever made. GTA 5’s online mode could have more content than the main game. If you play your cards right and save money, you can even become the CEO of your own company or at least a VIP.

So, if you become a CEO in GTA V, you will get a lot of perks. Not only does he become a full-time CEO, but you can also earn more money and weapons from your business and unlock new luxury cars.

Here are some points to climb the corporate ladder and become a CEO in GTA 5.

How To Register As A CEO In GTA 5

First, You’ll need some money to register as a CEO. This is why, because the first step is to become the CEO, you will need to purchase executive offices, which can cost between $1,000,000 and $4,000,000. You can purchase your office from the Dynasty 8 website.

While loading into GTA Online, open your phone and select “Internet” and then go to the Dynasty 8 Executive website.

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Select the executive office you want. Your choice.

  • Maze Bank West for $1,000,000
  • Arcadius Business Center for $2,250,000
  • Lombank West for $3,100,000
  • Maze Bank Tower for $4,000,000

If you are looking to buy an office, it is important to keep your options open. You can customize the space to make it feel like home, hire an assistant, and add gun lockers, safes, and living quarters. Whether that means adding a living area or gun locker or safe or simply choosing a gorgeous rug that makes you feel inspired. Adding this last option will make Office more expensive, but it’s worth it if you plan to spend a lot of time there.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games

But if you don’t have the money to purchase an office, then you need to think about becoming a VIP. This price is only $50,000 and comes with many of the same perks. But online registration as CEO, VIP status only lasts four hours. Open your Interaction Menu after purchasing your office.

Image Credit: Rockstar Games
  1. If you’re on PC, press M.
  2. If you’re on PlayStation, press and hold the touchpad.
  3. Third, if you’re on Xbox, hold down the View button.
  4. And finally, you have to select the SecuroServ menu, and then register as CEO.

As a CEO, you will have access to all the same benefits as regular VIPs, including the ability to hire bodyguards, buy ammo, drugs, and armor on the spot, bribe the police to stop harassing you, remove your members from the minimap and more. However, you will also get access to some exclusive benefits.

  • You can buy warehouses to hold “special cargo”, which you can later sell for huge amounts of money.
  • When you purchase a house, it comes with a particular vehicle.
  • A map of Los Santos can be purchased with each warehouse that is marked.

Of course, once you’re the CEO of GTA V, you don’t have to worry about losing your position. You will retain your CEO position forever, or at least until you return to the SecuroServ menu and retire.

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