How To Turn off 5G on iPhone

In terms of speed, the 5G network is much faster than the 4G network. So, if you have iPhone 12 or the latest iPhone, you can access very fast internet if your mobile phone supports a 5G network.

Some cellular plans have limits on how much high-speed 5G data you can use before your speeds are slowed down or you’re charged extra. In cases where you need it most, like when you’re streaming video or using data-intensive apps, you may want to turn off 5G to save your high-speed data.

Turning off 5G can also help save battery life on your iPhone 12 or later, as using 5G can drain your battery faster than using LTE. So, if you want to turn off 5G on iPhone 12 or newer, then read below as this post is just for you.

How To Turn Off 5G on Your iPhone?

You can disable or enable 5G connectivity from the Settings of your iPhone by following the steps given below:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Cellular”.
  3. Click on “Cellular Data Options”.
  4. Click on “Voice & data”.
  5. Under “Data Mode”, select “LTE”.
  6. Now, your iPhone will only use LTE for the data connection.

That’s all! Your iPhone will no longer rely on 5G networks for cellular data. But keep in mind that this change will slow down your browsing speed.

How to Check If 5G Is Off

Once you’ve turned off your 5G network, you’ll probably want to make sure it’s turned off. So, in this case, you need to turn off the Wi-Fi to check, after which you will see the LTE icon in the status bar, which means the phone is actually now at 4TG speed. But, if you want to turn 5G back on again, you should go back to Settings and enable the toggle again. But keep in mind that restarting your iPhone keeps 5G turned off until you manually turn it back on.

Should You Turn Off 5G Network?

There are many examples where turning off 5G speeds can be helpful. For example, 5G networks use more battery than 4G LTE networks. In such a situation, if you do not want to waste your battery, then the LTE network should be best for you. And some networks also limit how much 5G data you can have. And you’ll probably want to save your 5G data for travel. However, it does not matter what is the reason for shutting down the 5G network. Now you know how to turn off 5G on your iPhone.

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