iOS 17.1: The Ultimate Fix for iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Screen Burn-In

Our initial iPhone 15 Pro Max appraisal found no notable screen-related issues to bemoan. However, a growing contingent of users of this premium iPhone iteration has encountered distressing instances of screen burn-in. Fortunately, the forthcoming iOS 17.1 update is primed to rectify this troublesome dilemma.

A Ray of Hope

The forthcoming software update, as pointed out by MacRumors, addresses the problem of screen burn-in, which might lead to display image persistence. It’s currently in the hands of a limited group of beta testers and developers, not yet available to the public.

Screen burn-in, or image persistence, materializes as faint vestiges of previously displayed content on a screen. It is a longstanding concern with OLED panels, historically encountered in television displays where static elements like channel logos become etched into the screen due to prolonged and unchanging visibility.

In recent years, technological advancements have mitigated screen burn-in, rendering it a rare occurrence, mostly arising when static images linger on an OLED display for an extended duration. Nonetheless, reports have surfaced regarding the ghostly remnants of text and icons appearing on certain iPhone 15 Pro Max screens.

For individuals who possess iPhones exhibiting signs of screen burn-in, it is advisable to exercise patience until the release of iOS 17.1 and evaluate its impact on the problem.

Apple’s Solution

Apple refrains from divulging intricate details about the precise resolution mechanisms for these image persistence issues. Nevertheless, it is indeed heartening for iPhone owners that a software solution has been devised. Preceding this development, Apple had resorted to replacing affected phones for users grappling with burn-in issues.

In terms of what iOS 17.1 entails, no monumental shifts are anticipated. The update introduces modest enhancements to AirDrop transfers, StandBy mode, and the Apple Music app. These enhancements encompass the ability to favorite albums, playlists, and songs.

Furthermore, iOS 17.1 is scheduled for release on Tuesday, October 24. This update will also address radio frequency concerns on the iPhone 12 in compliance with regulatory stipulations in France. This update builds upon the foundation laid by the novel features already introduced in iOS 17, fostering the anticipation of a more seamless and refined user experience.


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