Apple’s Final Cut Pro: Improved Face and Object Tracking with New Features

Apple is taking full advantage of its latest M3-equipped MacBook Pros with an upcoming update for Final Cut Pro. The new version of this video editing software is set to enhance face and object tracking, speed up video encoding, and improve the overall user experience. Let’s dive into the details.

Enhanced Object and Face Tracking

Apple’s Final Cut Pro will now utilize a new machine-learning model to provide better results in object and face tracking. This means your videos will benefit from more accurate and efficient tracking, improving the quality of your edits.

Faster H.264 and HEVC Encoding

Thanks to the enhanced simultaneous processing capabilities of Apple’s silicon media engines, Final Cut Pro will offer faster H.264 and HEVC encoding. This means you can expect quicker video rendering, making your editing process more efficient.

User-Friendly Features


The new Final Cut Pro introduces several user-friendly features to enhance your video editing experience:

  • Automatic Timeline Scrolling: Say goodbye to manual scrolling, as Final Cut Pro now offers automatic timeline scrolling for a smoother editing process.
  • Simplified Storylines: You can now simplify a selected group of overlapping connected clips into a single storyline, making it easier to manage your project.
  • Improved Clip Combining: Final Cut Pro allows you to combine connected clips with existing connected storylines, streamlining your editing workflow.

Final Cut Pro for iPad


For iPad users, Final Cut Pro comes with additional features and improvements:

  • Voiceover Recording Tool: Easily add voiceovers to your videos.
  • Color-Grading Presets: Apply color adjustments with new presets.
  • New Titles: Enhance your video with fresh title options.
  •  Workflow Improvements: Enjoy a smoother editing experience.
  • Stabilization Tool: Keep your footage steady with the pro camera mode.

Logic Pro Updates

Apple hasn’t forgotten about music creators. Logic Pro, available for both Mac and iPad, receives some helpful tools:

  • Mastering Assistant: Perfect your audio mix with dynamic adjustments to balance, timbre, and loudness.
  • 32-bit Float Recording: Avoid digital clipping and improve low-level sensitivity with compatible audio interfaces.
  • Sample Alchemy and Beat Breaker: Now available on both Mac and iPad versions of Logic Pro.
  • Free Sound Packs:¬†Explore new sound options with “Hybrid Textures” and “Vox Melodics.”
  • New “Slip” and “Rotate” Tools: Enhance your editing capabilities with these tools.

Improved iPad Experience

Logic Pro for iPad is now more versatile, supporting “Split View” and “Stage Manager” for easy audio sample integration. The “Quick Sampler” recorder plug-in simplifies creating sampler instruments from any sound source.

In Conclusion

Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro updates provide many new features and improvements, making video editing and music creation more accessible and efficient for users on both Mac and iPad devices. These enhancements promise a smoother and more user-friendly experience for content creators.

Ralph Gary
Ralph Gary
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