Samsung Galaxy S24 and S24 Ultra: What to Expect in Colors

Choosing the color of your new phone might seem like a minor decision, but it’s a choice that can make a big impact. If you’re eyeing the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series, there are exciting rumors about the color options that might be available. Let’s dive into what the grapevine is saying.

Color Options for Galaxy S24 Series

Renowned leaker Ross Young, known for accurate predictions, suggests that the Galaxy S24 series will come in four main colors: Black, Gray, Violet, and Yellow. Additionally, there might be exclusive online colors, such as Orange, Light Blue, and Light Green, available only when purchasing directly from Samsung. Young even hinted at a specific shade for the gray option, possibly “titanium gray.”

Special Edition for Galaxy S24 Ultra

Another reliable leaker, Ice Universe, supports Young’s color palette and adds a twist. The Galaxy S24 Ultra might have a special golden edition with a matching golden frame, hinting at a touch of luxury.

Speculation and Renders

While these details are still speculation, Phone Arena has already created renders based on the rumors. These images provide an early glimpse of how the Galaxy S24 phones might look in each color.

Image Credit: PhoneArena

Evolution from Galaxy S23

Compared to the Galaxy S23 series, Samsung seems to be simplifying its color options. The Galaxy S23 offered four basic colors, with additional online-exclusive choices. The rumored colors for the Galaxy S24, like Violet and Yellow, appear to be vibrant successors to previous options.

Design Tweaks and Upgrades

Beyond color, the Galaxy S24 is expected to feature a flatter form factor with a squared-off frame and individual circular cutouts for the rear-facing camera system. Moreover, the Galaxy S24 Ultra might boast a new chipset, a 50MP telephoto camera, and titanium side rails.


As we approach the expected launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series in January or February, rumors are likely to keep surfacing. Furthermore, stay tuned to our Galaxy S24 hub for the latest updates on Samsung’s upcoming flagship phones.

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