OpenAI launches the ChatGPT app for iOS users in the US

OpenAI announced that it will begin rolling out the ChatGPT app in the United States. And it will expand to other countries in the coming weeks. OpenAI, the company that developed the ChatGPT chatbot, introduced the ChatGPT app to iOS users in the US on Thursday and said an Android version of the app would be available soon.

According to OpenAI, the ChatGPT software is free to use and will sync history across devices. And Microsoft is behind it.

ChatGPT is a free app that syncs your history across devices. It also includes Whisper, our open-source speech-recognition system, which allows for voice input. “On the iOS version, ChatGPT Plus subscribers get exclusive access to GPT-4 capabilities, early access to features, and faster response times,” claimed OpenAI.

GPT-4 is a professional artificial intelligence model that improves upon the technology supporting the hugely successful ChatGPT. OpenAI said it will begin rolling out ChatGPT in the United States and expand to other countries in the coming weeks. “We look forward to seeing how you use the app.” We are committed to continued feature and security improvements to ChatGPT as we receive user input. PS Android users, get ready! “ChatGPT will be available on your device very soon,” claimed OpenAI.

ChatGPT App Features Which Includes:

  • Quick Answer: You get precise and extensive information without having to go through advertisements or several results.
  • Customized advice: You can get advice on how to plan a meal, travel, and make meaningful notes.
  • Inspiration for Creativity: Create gift ideas, outline presentations, or create the ideal poem.
  • Professional input: Increase productivity by providing concept comments, note summarisation, and technical topic assistance.
  • Learning Opportunities: You can learn new languages, modern history, and other topics at your speed.

It appears OpenAI launched a subscription plan in February offering access to its AI-powered chatbot, ChatGPT, for a monthly fee of $20. The move comes in the context of increasing competition in the AI technology sector, with companies such as Alphabet Inc and Meta (formerly Facebook) also launching their own AI offerings.

This was reported by Reuters.

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