Samsung Galaxy S24: What to Expect in the Upcoming Flagship

The buzz around the Samsung Galaxy S24 is growing, and with a rumored launch date on the horizon, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the next flagship from Samsung. With improvements expected in performance, camera capabilities, and more, the Galaxy S24 aims to surpass its well-regarded predecessor, the Galaxy S23 series. This article explores the latest rumors, potential features, and what changes we hope to see in the upcoming Galaxy S24.

Samsung Galaxy S24 News

  • A Korean publication suggests a January 17 press event in San Jose, Calif., for the Galaxy S24 launch.
  • Rumors hint at potential Instagram lock screen integration for quicker access.
  • Images of alleged dummy units for the Galaxy S24 series have surfaced.
  • The introduction of Samsung Gauss is a generative AI expected to integrate with the Galaxy S24 series.

Release Date Predictions and Prices

Anticipation is building for the Galaxy S24 series, with expectations of a January or February 2024 launch at a Galaxy Unpacked event. Speculations indicate an earlier release, possibly in response to the iPhone 15, with a rumored January 17 launch event in San Jose, Calif. Pricing details are yet to be unveiled. Still, hopes are high for the Galaxy S24 to maintain price points similar to its predecessor, starting at $799.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Design

Image credit: Technizo Concept

Continuation of Three-Part Lineup

  • The Galaxy S24 lineup is anticipated to include a standard model (6.1-inch), Galaxy S24 Plus (6.6-inch), and Galaxy S24 Ultra (6.8-inch).
  • There is a possibility of slight design changes, with rumors suggesting titanium sides for the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Design Elements

  • Expected design elements include curved corners and flat sides for the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus.
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra might feature curved edges, right-angled corners, and potential titanium side rails.
  • Recent images of dummy units hint at a less curved design for the S24 Ultra, with a redesigned camera setup.

Color Options

Samsung Galaxy S24: Display

Image credit: Technizo Concept/Super Roder

AMOLED Panels and Refresh Rates

  • All models will likely feature AMOLED panels with a 120Hz max refresh rate.
  • Rumors suggest LTPO displays for the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus, enabling fully adaptive refresh rates.

Display Brightness

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra may boast an incredibly bright display, potentially reaching up to 2,800 nits.
  • Galaxy S24 Plus is expected to reach a respectable 2,500 nits.


  • Galaxy S24 Plus may see a bump to QHD resolution, differentiating it from the standard Galaxy S24.

Bezel Reduction

  • Leaks indicate narrower bezels for the Galaxy S24, enhancing screen real estate.

Samsung Galaxy S24: Cameras

Image credit: Technizo Concept

Camera Upgrades

  • Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus are rumored to feature the same 50MP cameras as their predecessors.
  • Galaxy S24 Ultra may retain the 200MP main camera, potentially improving telephoto capabilities.

Telephoto Enhancements

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra’s telephoto cameras may see improvements in zoom capabilities, optics, and sensor size.
  • Possibility of a 150x maximum zoom and variable zoom on the S24 Ultra.

Other Camera Features

  • Integration of Instagram camera shortcut on the lock screen for Galaxy S24 series.

Specs and Performance

Specs and Performance
Image credit: Technizo Concept

Processor Updates

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra is expected to feature the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for enhanced performance.
  • Rumors suggest that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will adopt a split-chipset approach, featuring the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in the U.S. and the Exynos 2400 in other regions.

RAM and Storage

  • Anticipated specifications suggest that the Galaxy S24 and S24 Plus will offer 12GB of RAM, while the Ultra model may feature 16 GB.
  • Standard Galaxy S24 may offer 256GB of storage in the base model.

AI Integration

Samsung Gauss
Image credit: Samsung/Tom’s Guide

Samsung Gauss

  • Samsung Gauss, a generative AI, is expected to be integrated into the Galaxy S24 series.
  • AI features may include document summarization, third-party app translation, and assistance in composing emails.

Battery Life and Charging

New Battery Design

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra and S24 Plus may feature a stacked battery design for improved energy density.
  • Reports suggest a potential increase in the S24 Plus battery to 4,900 mAh.

Charging Speeds

  • Speculations on increased charging speed for the S24 Ultra, possibly reaching 65W.
  • Certification documents hint at 25W charging for the base Galaxy S24 and 45W for the Plus and Ultra models.

What We Want to See

Image credit: Technizo Concept

Faster Charging

  • There is a desire for faster charging speeds, potentially reaching 60W for the Galaxy S24.

Price Freeze

  • Hope for price stability, particularly for users in the U.K. and Australia, to keep the Galaxy S24 accessible.

More RAM/Storage Options

  • Request for more generous default RAM and storage options, providing flexibility for users.

S Pen Upgrades

  • Expectation for updates to the S Pen stylus, introducing new features or enhanced compatibility.

Optional One UI

  • A wish for an option to disable One UI-based tweaks, offering a more customizable experience for enthusiasts.

As the Samsung Galaxy S24 launch approaches, the tech community eagerly awaits official announcements to see which rumors turn into reality. Stay tuned for updates as more information surfaces about this highly anticipated flagship.

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