Anticipated Feature Coming to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6

The future Galaxy Z Fold, possibly the Galaxy Z Fold 6, maybe stepping up its game by offering integrated stylus support, a feature many fans have eagerly awaited. A recently discovered Samsung patent suggests that the company is exploring two ideas for adding an S Pen slot to its foldable phones.

Stylus Integration

The patent, titled “Electronic device using electronic pen and method thereof,” outlines a concept where a device can work seamlessly with a stylus stored within it. This could mean that the stylus slot might be located on the back or the side of the device, as shown in the patent illustrations.

Alignment with the Galaxy S23 Ultra

By incorporating on-board S Pen storage, Samsung could bring the Galaxy Z Fold series in line with the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which already has a stylus silo along its right side. However, Samsung must consider the size of the Z Fold, particularly when it’s folded shut. This consideration is why, up to this point, Samsung has offered the S Pen as an additional accessory for Z Fold models that are compatible with it.

Enhanced Stylus Features

In addition to offering an integrated stylus, Samsung may want to add extra buttons to the S Pen. Currently, the S Pen features one button for accessing favorite tools and interacting with the phone while hovering the stylus above the display. Additional buttons could simplify tasks like switching between virtual pens, colors, and more without opening the on-screen tool selection.

Importance of Stylus Support

Stylus support is a crucial element of the Galaxy Z Fold’s appeal, especially as competitors like the OnePlus Open and Google Pixel Fold have arrived to challenge Samsung in various aspects, including photo quality and multitasking. Offering an integrated stylus as a standard feature on a future Z Fold, rather than requiring a separate case for the S Pen, would make a strong case to potential buyers as to why Samsung’s foldable phones provide a more comprehensive package than their rivals.

Closing Thoughts

While patents represent ideas and concepts, they do not guarantee that a company will implement them in their products. However, the demand for more convenient S Pen storage on the Galaxy Z Fold is evident. As the competition in the foldable phone market intensifies, including integrated stylus support in the Galaxy Z Fold 6 or a future generation could be a significant advantage.

Regarding the Galaxy Z Fold 6, there are rumors of a dust-resistant body and a larger cover display. It’s expected to maintain the same cameras as the Galaxy Z Fold 5. We anticipate a summer release for the Z Fold 6, likely around July or August, in line with previous launches of Z Folds and Z Flips in previous years.

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